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Diagram of fetal pig anatomy

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Lists resources for reviewing the fetal pig dissection, which include virtual labs, photos. Real pigs are not as cleanly pictured and the parts not perfectly aligned.Fetal Pig Dissection Pictures. While this page summarizes the information needed for the lab practicum, a very good site for further review can be found at the . See the information on fetal pigs on the Course Links on the web page or at http:// www.goshen.edu/bio/pigbook/humanpigcomparison.html. Diagrams are from . What does the letter L refer to in the figure of the internal anatomy of the fetal pig? Answer: 2. In the figure of the internal anatomy of the fetal pig, what letter refers . Learn about anatomy with this virtual fetal pig dissection guide!Welcome to the Whitman College Biology Department's Virtual Pig Dissection ( VPD)!. This site is designed as a supplement to laboratory dissections exploring .

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