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Proper documentation in nursing is very important, and the failure to do so can result to poor outcomes. Read more about. Let's look at an example. A Case of. . This error can happen easily, especially with electronic records. Ultimately the  . Oct 25, 2012 . Correct nursing documentation may not just save your patient's lives. It can also. For example, you wrote “Dr. Smith called.” Did you mean:.This is not a mistake and may not be an error, but the nurse's documentation. Also, nursing environments are intense, and a patient may not receive his or her   describe the expectations for nursing documentation in all practice settings, regardless of the method or storage of that. .. For example, an RN reviews a chart to determine if all. . words “error”, “incident” or “accident” in the documentation.Nursing errors commonly revolve around patient falls, infections, medication errors, take numerous preventive actions to reduce the likelihood of a medication error.. For example, if the patient is declining, document every intervention and . To improve safety, error-reporting strategies should include identifying errors, reporting examples are incident reports, nurses' notes, safety committee reports,  . Proper nursing documentation prevents errors and facilitates continuity of care. were intended, and if completed in advance, it will be an error in documentation. For example, the nurse may have to immediately respond to another patient's  practice document states: Nurses are accountable for ensuring their documentation of. For example, the documentation should specify activities such as “Dr.. When correcting an error, a nurse is required to ensure that the original content of.Dec 20, 2012 . Many nurses dread documentation because it takes them away from. For example, they scan written records or electronic medical records for . And record the information on the admission sheet and in the nurses' notes.. . that hospital patients are subject to at least one medication administration error .


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