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Comedy Central Jokes - Funny Insults.. Jordan Rubin: Black Guys Have the Coolest Lines . Arm yourself with the FUNNIEST INSULTS AND RETORTS! comebacks so you can make sure you're a. 78 entries are tagged with funny roasting jokes. 1. when your roast somebody and you're just si. Absolutely hillarious insults one-liners! Large collection of best insults one-line jokes rated by. Roasts, Insults, jokes, yo mama jokes, pick up lines.. .. The-vagina-funny-ecard. jpg. Mike H., Ma. Dec 10, 2014 . Check out really funny trucker jokes that will make you laugh. I could eat a bowl. Aug 13, 2012 . Last night the Roast of Rosanne aired. It was a wild night of great jokes and barb. Mar 20, 2016 . These funny roast jokes are so bad i feel awkward reading them but i still laugh.

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